I was for the 92nd Engineer Bn

off 69-72 so we built LBJ one of many other projects. I just weren’t limited by Long Bihn, i did in Dihn Quan (stone urban area) Tay Nihn, Phu Loi you obtain it we got around I actually do consider showers and clubs.

I happened to be for the 92nd Engr. Bn. therefore oriented Much time Bien Jail within the 69. I’d a lot longer article however, if you’re We have never ever released here this new sightmaster months I’ve and heaven restrict replication.

Within the October out of 1965, I obtained instructions getting task to your 69th Rule Battalion on Fort Eustis, Virginia and discovered me, again on the way to Oakland, Ca. The latest battalion had been open to its working union when you look at the Vietnam. I departed the us off Oakland, California. onboard new USN Upshur. The unit landed of Tau, Vietnam in the November 1965. When we visited Long Bien, the new combat designers had been clearing the brand new forest where we had been to set up. When i state configurations, I mean the complete product setup in 2 man pup tents, having duffel bag and you may weapons, and no ammo very first, c-rations each day and you will bathing pal layout. Fifty gallon electric guitar regarding liquids heated by sunshine from inside the time, your own pal utilized his helmet in order to put h2o regarding instrument down a great trough on exactly how to don your body then to wash of the soap, disappointed no confidentiality. Too many recollections to share, I could wind up right here.

I found myself around if TET offending of 68 occurred

Supported inside the Much time Binh that have city business 44th signal Bn. July 1968 until September 1969. I was a connection cardio pro. I spent some time working in the vans that were tied up together because of the chief gate. We had been located about two blocks from the LBJ stockade.

I was stationed during the Enough time Binh regarding fall off 67 into slide from 68. I was with the 147th LEM to start with, then transferred to the fresh new 832 HEM. Unfortunately I now have the affects away from AO, I’ve prostate disease. I didn’t observe one comments on the more than postings on the fitness influences off those who are which supported there have finally, but I didn’t discover all of the word of every remark sometimes. It will be interesting observe just how many of your own a lot more than vets that have printed or future prints to that particular site,has actually health conditions,on account of AO exposure while providing with this legs.

Better-known because gold city

Would like to no where regarding the out of anyone who sever in the enough time binh base post ranging from Sept 1971 to Sept 1972

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I happened to be on 624th SS Co into the A lot of time Binh off July 1966 to help you July 1967. We worked during the ration dysfunction lawn having guys instance Browiak, Beck, Spitzer, Parker, Thompson. We see in women seeking women ny this site a couple almost every other people who offered at 624th within the exact same day I became indeed there. Jim Smith the organization clerk I version of think of your handing out the post. In my opinion he replaced one entitled Greasie otherwise greasey, exactly who played the latest drums regarding organization rockband. The brand new compound are based in a rubberized forest plantation and that i lived in an area tent for several weeks up until i founded a new hooch. A number of the people in the hooch were Larry Crognale, Jerry Van Nood, Jerry Diabo Tacho Sandoval, John Drinks, Chuck Lebens, Larry Soja. Tom Bourlier within site, which I didn’t see, mentions this new mo Treat Explosion. Yes I remember it well, was seated regarding EM club drinking a beer in the event the blast strike. Blew me personally out of my couch, slammed towards flooring, tinnitus, dazed, etc. Wound-up getting the old M14’s, yes M14’s as we didn’t obtain the 16’s. Spent extended on the perimeter trench with the alert and you may together with needed to guard this new ammo dump not too long after. Toward a much lighter note, I was here observe Nancy Sinatra and you will Martha Rae. Together with noticed a number of dated dirty video during the a make the-shift motion picture hut. Anyway, that was 52 years ago, but I recall it well